Japanese Love Dolls – Are They Taboo?

The Japanese love dolls have also been called a Dutch wife. Although the reason for this rather intriguing nickname seems to be unknown.

The statistics

The most popular Japanese love doll is the Candy girl. This doll is five feet, one inch tall and weighs around sixty two pounds. She has a real figure at 35-23-31. So she is a slim C cup. Her shoe size is 5.. The doll comes with the head of your choice and hair of your choice also. This makes them fully customizable. They are made from 100% silicon for that lifelike feel. Each joint has more then 30 moves making this doll very pose able. These "real" dolls also have no seams, making them the most life-like doll available.

The reasons for owning one

It would seem that for most men who own one of these Japanese dolls the reason is because real women can hurt you emotionally while your love doll never will. It was also said by one gentleman that when his wife passed away he did not wish to see a real woman but still had his needs for some form of companionship. Whatever the reasons, the Japanese dolls are gaining in popularity.


The popularity of the Japanese love dolls are so broad that rental agencies have begun to spring up in many areas. You too can enjoy one of these dolls for around $ 60.00 per hour. That is a bit less expensive then your average Las Vegas call girl, I guess. For your money you get to choose one of several different dolls and have her dressed in the outfit of your choice. It would seem the menga style doll is the most popular, taking Japanese anime to a whole new level.

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